Used Car Research Getting Easier

Online vehicle research for used cars is getting easier every day. The online title check companies are putting more and more info into their database records for millions of motor vehicles. That will make it easier for consumers to identify wrecked cars that have been rebuilt, flooded cars that have been resold, and car dealers who ply such dangerous "bargains" to sometimes-naive consumers willing to plunk down their hard earned money because they trust people to tell them the truth.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. But it probably isn't your neighborhood car dealer.

Experian is adding new info to its multi million vehicle AutoCheck database on used cars and trucks nationwide. The end result will only help consumers and it will likely spur other online vehicle history sellers to increase their database information too.

The Autocheck data will include the severity of a collision, where it happened, the vehicle area involved, and whether or not airbags were triggered in the crash. That will really help prospective buyers learn the full truth about a vehicle's prior history.

The company says that new records will include some exclusive frame damage records that come from actual physical inspections that occur at auction yards where car dealers buy their inventory, commonly across state lines.

Indeed, the simple fact is that if a consumer has a choice between a database that includes details about prior wreck damage and one that doesn't include it, it is pretty obvious what they will want. The numbers show that 75% of consumers say that whether a vehicle has been in an accident is the most important piece of information that want to know about in an online used vehicle history.

Experian is making a smart move. Carfax and others will have no choice but to do at least as good, if try to one-up them.

If you bought a wrecked used car that was rebuilt, and the dealer didn't warn you before you bought it, that's called fraud. We can help. Sueing car dealers who rip off consumers --- that's what we do every day. Contact us, we can help.