Recall China?

I can't believe it. After all the Chinese-made toys being recalled for months, now it's gotten down to Boy Scout badges. Good grief!

A plastic Cub Scout badge has been recalled because it, too, is reported to contain excessive lead paint. Since when did manufacturing get so bad in the United States that the Scouts decided to get their merit badges from China? China, mind you!

"Our highest priority is the safety of the boys," said Gregg Shields, spokesman for the Boy Scouts of America. Really? Well where were you, Gregg, when someone was deciding whether to start buying Scout badges from China? This is crazy.

First millions of toys are recalled for excessive lead paint and now Scout badges. Where will it end?

The only good thing is that maybe now people will begin to look for the "made in America" label again. Remember that? Once upon a time it was a slogan for Union clothing makers, but no one was paying attention. Now, even the Scouts are feeling it.

Okay, so the UAW goes on strike every once in a while. No big deal, if anything in the last few weeks shows us, it is that they aren't very serious. But China? Come on! Somewhere along the way US manufacturers decided to save a buck by shuttering US plants and setting up new factories in China. You know. Save a buck and raise the price a buck and the next thing you know, there's two extra bucks profit for the Board of Directors and CEO to get a raise or gold-plate their parachute if the company gets bought out. And who will buy out the company? Probably the Chinese...

So this Christmas, do yourself a favor. Look for the label. You know. The one that says "made in the USA." And think about the jobs you are giving to your neighbors instead of someone in Shanghai. "Made in USA" can mean quality again. Lord knows it probably means fewer recalls.

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