Massive Toyota Recall and My Toyota

There’s now a second massive recall of millions of Toyota vehicles with dangerous "runaway" gas pedal problems. The recall is so huge that Toyota even instructed their dealers to put most of the new cars on the back lot and not sell them at all until they get the "unintended acceleration problem" fixed. As of now, they have no clue on how to fix the problem either (see "Toyota Admits Problem and Has No Fix For It Yet" below).

Amazingly, federal investigators were tipped off months ago about the problem and apparently did nothing to protect the public. Who’s looking out for you? More on that below (see "Whistleblower Complained in November of Defect" below).

So if you've got one of the Toyota cars with the accellerator defect, what do you do?
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Do you own one of these lemon Toyota vehicles that are part of the Toyota Gas Pedal Recall?
2005 Toyota Avalon
2006 Toyota Avalon
2007 Toyota Avalon
2008 Toyota Avalon
2009 Toyota Avalon
2010 Toyota Avalon
2007 Toyota Camry
2008 Toyota Camry
2009 Toyota Camry
2010 Toyota Camry
2009 Toyota Corolla
2010 Toyota Corolla
2009 Toyota Corolla Matrix
2010 Toyota Corolla Matrix
2010 Toyota Highlander
2009 Toyota RAV4
2010 Toyota RAV4
2008 Toyota Sequoia
2009 Toyota Sequoia
2010 Toyota Sequoia
2007 Toyota Tundra
2008 Toyota Tundra
2009 Toyota Tundra
2010 Toyota Tundra
A new recall of 2.3 million Toyota vehicles came out on January 21, 2010 because of gas pedals that can stick. As this is being written, Toyota says they are still trying to come up with a fix for the problem.
The First Recall Wasn’t Enough
Amazingly, Toyota had already recalled 4.2 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles because of a problem with the accelerator pedals getting stuck under loose floor mats. Now this new Toyota recall covers vehicles even without a floor mat and shows that the gas pedal can still get stuck, and can cause the accellerator pedal to get stuck and can cause the Toyota to wildly speed up beyond control. The driver may not be able to stop it and an accident can occur.

If your Toyota gas pedal gets stuck, reportedly Toyota is saying that you should use steady and firm braking to stop the vehicle and shut it off and call a Toyota dealer to come tow it in to their shop. Do not pump the brakes because pumping will only wear the brakes out and it won’t stop the vehicle.

Alternatively, you can simply take your Toyota back to the dealer and park it by the service door and give them the keys and tell them to call you when they get it fixed. After all, if you know the problem is there, do you really want to be driving down the highway when it happens to you?

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Toyota Admits Problem and Has No Fix For It Yet

Toyota has admitted that some accelerator pedal mechanisms can become mechanically stuck in the depressed position, making the vehicle difficult to control or stop. Sometimes the gas pedal will very slowly come back up and that can be a sign of the same defect. Toyota was blaming the floor mats before, but not now in this recall.

Toyota reportedly is saying that the stuck gas pedal problem is more likely to occur when the pedal gets worn over time, but when a gas pedal gets stuck a runaway Toyota can endanger your safety and the safety of other drivers around you.

Before the recall, several innocent people were killed in accidents that were caused by stuck gas pedals, according to widely published reports. In many instances, Toyota dealers may have told customers "no problem found" when they complained, and that the shop could not duplicate the accelerator problem.

Our Ohio accelerator recall lemon law lawyers can help. We will review your case at no cost to you. If you have a Toyota lemon law claim, we will fight to get your money back, and we will make Toyota pay your attorney fees too, so you won’t have to. Call us (toll free Ph: 888.331.6422) or email us right now (

Whistleblower Complained in November of Defect

The Kansas City Injury Board, at, is reporting that an unknown person in Franklin, Kentucky first reported the Toyota gas pedal problem on November 27 in an anonymous note addressed to federal investigators at the agency in charge of recalls, NHTSA, saying that broken throttle body shafts were the cause of the problem. The signer of the note was "Concerned Citizen" and said that,

"Japanese management up to and including company president was aware of the cracked shaft problem and told everyone to be quiet about this problem. The failure mode on DFMEA for broken throttle shaft is no throttle control and potential wide open acceleration. The Toyota floor mats caused American deaths. Will you sit on this information and possibly cause more American deaths? It bothers me that I did not tell anyone sooner. I have another throttle body in same condition that can be sent to Automotive News."

By coincidence (?), Franklin Precision Industry in Franklin, Kentucky actually manufactures throttle bodies for Toyota and Nissan and is part of a large auto supplier based in Japan and its major shareholders are Toyota Motor Corp. (35%) and Toyota Industries Corp. (18%).

For some reason, unexplained, federal safety investigators did not put the whistleblower’s letter in the agency’s "public" file until January 4, reportedly. Perhaps that is what triggered Toyota’s public recall? Who knows for sure.

The only thing we know for sure is that if you are in a Toyota that won’t stop because the gas pedal is stuck, you’re in trouble. Don’t take a chance.

Our Ohio accelerator recall lemon law lawyers can help. We will review your case at no cost to you. If you have a Toyota lemon law claim, we will fight to get your money back, and we will make Toyota pay your attorney fees too, so you won’t have to. Call us (toll free Ph: 888.331.6422) or email us right now (

If you live outside of Ohio or Kentucky, check our "Locate a Local Lemon Lawyer" web site page ( and find one near you. The lemon law is different in every state, so check with your local lemon law lawyer for advice on how you can get rid of a lemon Toyota.
If you have suffered a loss because of this dangerous Toyota sticking accelerator, send your complaint to us for a review at no cost or obligation.

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Saab Lives, thanks to Spyker Auto

Well, perhaps the turmoil of the last year is over for at least one of GM's orphaned brands, Saab.

For 20 years GM has had control of Saab but it now has reportedly struck a deal with Spyker Cars NV, a Dutch sports car builder, for sale of the trouble Swedish Saab brand. Spyker sought, and apparently obtained government loans to back the deal, reportedly in excess of half a billion dollars.

The new company will be called Saab Spyker Automobiles NV and will be owned in small, toe-hold part by GM.

The $74 million price tag will be paid for in two lump sums, if the deal goes through. $326 million worth of preferred shares in the merged company also goes to GM but those shares represent less than 1 percent of Saab Spyker's voting rights, Spyker said.

While some Saab dealers have already cut back or closed, it's good news for the struggling brand and its remaining dealers.

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Dutch Luxury Car Maker Bids for Saab

First it was reported that any Saab sale was kaput. Then it was reported that a China company was mulling it over and a sale looked likely.

Now, they say the Dutch are back in the buying game, as luxury car maker Spyker Cars NV was reported to be the buyer wanna-be. Only thing is, they need this piddly 400 million Euro loan from the banks and the banks want a government gurantee that they'll get their money back.

Meanwhile, with inventory dwindling and employees jumping ship right and left, Saab dealers are themselves shutting down their stores.
If GM intends to sell Saab, if anyone intends to buy Saab, they better do it pretty soon. Otherwise they'll only be buying die molds and parts and the Saab logo but they'll have to rebuild the Saab dealer network from scratch because there won't be any dealers left. Of course, maybe that's what they are trying to do.

Meanwhile, if you've got a lemon Saab, GM says they still back 'em (but you'll probably need a lawyer to make them do anything). Getting rid of lemon Saab vehicles is what we do. Every day. Since 1978.

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Katrina Trailers Headed to Haiti? Ya Gotta Be Kiddin'

Around Washington DC right now there are some politicians floating the idea of sending all those left over FEMA trailers to Haiti for the devastated homeless Haitian families to live in. That would be disasterous.

As US Rep. Bennie Thompason (D-Miss) correctly pointed out [here at Homeland Security Insight website:] the formaldehyde levels in those trailers is "unhealthy" to put it mildly and foisting them on anyone else would be stupid and politically dangerous.

The US is generously helping out in every way possible right now. The last thing the US needs is for the health effects those unsold trailers pose to arise from the rubble of Haiti several years from now.

"However, given the potential for adverse health affects when used as more than short-term shelter, I would be gravely concerned about distributing these units to the people of Haiti for use as housing. This country's immediate response to help in this humanitarian crisis should not be blemished by later concerns over adverse health consequences precipitated by our efforts," Thompson warned in the HSToday article online.

While Thompson and others have asked FEMA to stop auctioning off the unhealthy and dangerous trailers, FEMA has not done so yet, even those both FEMA and the Center for Disease Control released a study completed in February 2008 that declared the units to contain unhealthy levels of formaldehyde.

Those trailers shouldn't even be given away. They look good, sure, and they might even make you feel comfortable for the time being. But, like cigarettes, the harm comes in the long term that they don't tell you about.

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Fighting Debt Collectors

There's been a lot in the news lately about debt collectors who call and harass consumers and lie about being police officers, court officers, threatening garnishments and a lot worse. Most people just don't know what their rights really are. Here's a short video that tells you what your rights are when it comes to dealing with debt collectors who harrass you. If they violate the law, just remember that you've got rights and we can help you enforce them. It's part of what we do. Everyday.

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Detroit Auto Show Shows Off an Electric Future

The North American International Auto Show in Detroit opens next week with "press days" slated for Monday and Tuesday and it promises to be a major "electric" event.

Fuel efficiency finally takes center stage, although the industry economic woes have obviously reduced the size of the stage.

Ford will show off a redesigned Focus and Honda, Toyota and VW will all show off hybrid concept cars. Audi, BMW and Fiat will put their newest electric cars on display.

China's BYD Auto is slated to take space on the show's "Electric Avenue" floor space too.

Cadillac and Buick will roll out new and concept models but Chyrsler and its partner Fiat will reportedly have a thin appearance except for an electric concept version of the Fiat 500 minicar that is planned to be displayed.

Maybe electric is finally here? We'll see.

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