Lexis Investigation Launced by Safety Investigators

Federal safety investigators have launced an investigation into complaints of unwanted acceleration of 2007 Lexis ES and the ES350 vehicles. Previously the investigation was at a lower level "preliminary evaluation" stage. Now, it's much more serious ... there's a recall afoot.

Dozens of Lexis owners have complained to safety investigators at the National Highway Safety Transportation Adminstration (the same people who are in charge of vehicle recalls) that their Lexis ES and ES350 model vehicles can accelerate uncontrollably. Nearly 99,000 vehicles are involved in the federal government's investigation.

Some inside Nhtsa's Office of Defect Investigations department blame the existence of an unsecured floor mat that can trap the throttel pedal in an open position. Whatever the cause, it's dangerous. And the federal government finally decided to get a recall going. The problem is apparently so massive that some vehicles in the Camry line are being included.

If you've got one of the Lexis vehicles, make sure your floor mats are securely attached to the floor with factor clips. If your car doesn't have any means of attaching the floor mat securely to the floor carpet, then remove it. Take it out of your car and call your dealer to complain.

For the cost of Lexis, problems like this shouldn't happen. If you've got a lemon Lexis, or a lemon Camry, and your dealer can't or won't take care of it, call us. We know what to do and how to do it.