Thieving Dealers

"I learned it from the boss," might be the excuse some dealership employees have in mind for the latest round of fraud at car dealerships.

According to Wards Dealer Business Magazine, more and more employees at car dealerships are getting caught stealing from the dealership itself. Last year, big time California dealer, Cal Worthington, had two employees steal a big chunk from himi to fund their gambling habit. And earlier this year, a Chief Financial Officer for a Florida luxury dealership was reportedly caught stealing to pay off his own large gambling debts. Apparently gambling is a problem in the car business?

And in New York, the FBI is investigating a car theft ring involving at least two dealerships where they say dealership managers were involved in arranging for the theft of new vehicles to be shipped out to the Dominican Republic.

If car dealership people will steal from the hand that feeds them, what makes you think they won't try to pull one over on you, the customer?

Now is a good time to start being very, very careful when you go on any car dealer's lot. Maybe the first question you should ask is "Been to Vegas lately?"

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