Ohio Attorney General's Consumer Law Advisor eNewsletter

You gotta give credit where credit's due.

Ohio consumers are finally diggin their way out from lackluster and careless government now that Marc Dann is Ohio's Attorney General. His choice of Nadine Ballard is a great example of putting someone in charge who cares (like he does) about consumers and who knows (like he does) Ohio's consumer protection laws.

Now they're doing even more for you.

Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann has started a Consumer Law Advisor newsletter to help Ohio's consumer advocates keep up to date on changes in the law and new cases that can help them help their clients even more. It's a great idea that was long overdue and it took someone who cared to get it done. Marc Dann deserves a big thanks for this one, folks.

A recent issue included a list of new cases that were put in the Attorney General's Public Inspection File (which helps establish what acts and practices are declared unfair to Ohio consumers). Case discussions ranged from arbitration, home improvement, motor vehicle cases, prepaid entertainment deals, mortgage issues, telemarketing and more. Clearly, subscribing to this newsletter is necessary to keep up to date.

I've often gone searching online to find cases in the PIF that dealt with an issue and silently bemoaned the lack of any way to find out what was new. Well, no more.

The newsletter also covered some new consumer cases filed by the Attorney General and some new pending consumer legislation alerts. The pending legislation list is particularly helpful since it's a great way for consumers and consumer advocates to learn what bills are pending before the legislature so that you can help garner support for laws that will protect consumers more. That's something to keep your eye one.

Another part of the newsletter covers class action notices that affect Ohio consumers and which Ohio attorneys need to be aware of too.

The Attorney General's office should get 5 stars for this newsletter, folks. It's a "must subscribe" for anyone who cares about consumers or who wants to learn new ways to protect themselves from deceptive and unfair business practices.

You can subscribe by sending an email to ConsumerEnewsletter@ag.state.oh.us or telephoning 614.752.6729. Remember when you were a kid and your mom said "you snooze, you lose" ? Well that's the deal here. With every issue you don't read, you are missing out.