Rv Warranty Problems Rising ?

Blue news for Rv builders. The economy sucks not just for you and me but also for them too.

Although Fleetwood took the award for market share in 2007 the faltering economy is hurting all Rv builders, including Fleetwood.

Weekend Warrior was reported last week to have cut 100 workers at its Perris facility. This comes in the same month that Riverside-based Fleetwood Enterprises reported another financial loss for another quarter ($16 million is no chump change to lose in just 3 months --- you'd think they went to Vegas). Thor California cut its work back to 4 days a week to keep dealers from having a glut of inventory (and to keep that same inventory from stacking up at the plant).

Add to that the mess from National Rv's bankruptcy and it's easy to see that Rv builders have the blues.

Some economists say that numbers in the last 30 years show that when the Rv industry suffers two sales downturn years in a row then it means a recession is about to hit the economy. There was a 10 percent loss in numbers last year and some industry insiders are saying the numbers will hit 14 percent down this year. Time for all of us to tighten our belt, so to speak, if we haven't already been doing that.

Paul Eskritt, Fleetwood Enterprises Inc.'s RV Group president, was reported to have said that when the industry hits a lull, it is time for RV companies to focus on managing their expenses.

"Every dollar counts," Eskritt said. "We get really good at that."

So what does that mean if you own an Rv right now? It could mean tighter controls on warranty costs and that can mean more runaround on warranty repairs, claim denials on debatable defects, and a dealer who has to argue more with you (the consumer) because the factory isn't paying the warranty claims as freely or often as before.

Note that nothing happened to your warranty rights. Legally, they are still there. You just may find yourself having to argue more to make them honor your warranty. Remember, the squeeky wheel is the one that gets the grease. So start squeekin', loud and long if you have to.

And when the factory or your dealer won't help you, when you feel like they are ignoring your problems, contact us or call us 1-888-331-6422 Toll Free. We help consumers fight back against bad Rv's and their manufacturers everyday. It's what we do.

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