National Law Journal Quotes Burdge on Rv Lemon Law

This week's National Law Journal has an article in it headlined "Motor Home Makers Hit with Warranty Actions" and quotes Rv Lemon Law lawyer Ron Burdge.

The article discusses the rising tide of warranty litigation with motorhome manufacturers under the federal lemon law (the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act) as well as state lemon laws and other state consumer protection laws like Ohio's Consumer Sales Practices Act.

It's kind of surprising to see the article talking about other attorneys recently becoming aware of the federal lemon law --- it's a law we've been using for 29 years against defective vehicle manufacturers who build bad Rv's and then fail to fix them properly under warranty later on.

"R.V. manufactures are 'digging their heels in' and settling late in the litigation, but the number of cases is increasing because consumers are intolerant of defects in such an expensive product, said plaintiffs' lawyer Ron Burdge of the Burdge Law Office in Dayton, Ohio. Burdge handles motor home cases in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

"The difference between a Kia and a $1 million R.V. is how much they fight," Burdge said. "You spend much more time winning an R.V. case than you do winning a four-door car case."

Your legal rights matter when you pay big money for an Rv and can't get the manufacturer or the dealer to live up to their warranty. If it happens to you, we can help. It's what we do. You can read more about your state's Rv Lemon Law by clicking here.