Motown's Tough Times

Times are tough in Motown.

Factory stats are out and the picture isn't good in Detroit. With the Mayor having his own tough times, things aren't good in Dearborn either.

Sales at GM and Chrysler dropped 19% in March and Ford fell 14%. Even Toyota was down 10% compared with last March. Nissan was off 4% and Honda reported a 3% drop.

If those numbers hold true course for the year, then US sales will top out at just over 15 million vehicles in 2008 and that's a big drop from last year's 16.2 million.

For consumers, it means that factories will be getting tighter as profits shrink. And that can mean less generosity when it comes to covering borderline warranty work. You may have to argue more to get things fixed that are not clearly covered by your warranty.

Click here for a list of Automotive Manufacturer's Phone Numbers and Fax Numbers and Web Sites. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, so start squeakin'

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