What Did One Russian Say to the Other?

The Chevies are coming! The Chevies are coming!

Guess what brand sells the most in Russia? That's right. Chevrolet. With sales figures that climbed 71%, Chevy overtook Ford and all others to become the biggest overseas brand in Russia, in spite of Ford's big push to take the #1 spot.

The Russian car market rose 61% in foreign car sales and Chevy's share of the Russian market rose even faster. Russia's car sales are rising in general now, making it the #3 biggest car market in Europe.

With the announcement out of the Assn of European Businesses in the Russian Federation (AEBRF, yes that's a real business organization too), GM bragged that "We are committed to that market and that is why we are investing $300 million on a site in St Petersburg."

Okay, so maybe we need to open an office in Moscow?

When you're Chevy's quality sags, call us. Unless, of course, you're in Moscow. We can't help you there, folks. Ohio, yes. Kentucky, yes. California, yes. Indiana, yes. Moscow? Nyet, at least not yet.