Tell-all Consumer Law Book Released - "Consumer Courage"

the big book of ohio consumer rights
Get it free. Use it to protect yourself.
You have more legal rights than you know. And now there's a free book that tells you all about your legal rights as a consumer in the marketplace.

There are a lot of consumer protection laws in every state and, frankly, most folks have never heard of most of them. Heck, a lot of lawyers and judges don't even know about all of them either.

Well, now is your chance to learn what they are and how to use them to protect yourself and your family.

When you have a question about buying something for your personal or family use or if you want to avoid being scammed, there's  an easy-to-read guide book that tells you all about the 9 areas of law that you and your family need to know to stay safe and avoid getting ripped off. It's called Consumer Courage.

It's free. It's brand new. And it is written for you to use - not for lawyers. Oh, okay, lawyers can find their "lawyer stuff" (citations and things) at the end of the book in the Attorney's Index, so they can go look up things if they want. But this book is for ordinary folks to use. And use it, you should.

Although this 118-page book deals with Ohio law, you could look up the same laws in practically every state and you would likely find that most of them are the same everywhere. So this law is great for Ohio consumers and consumers elsewhere too.

You can download it for free and ask and they will mail you a copy for free.

Mark Wiseman is the author and he spent a year putting together a solid explanation of the laws and rules that are made to help consumers. And as he wisely says, "you should use it to see what your rights are BEFORE you try to buy something, borrow money to buy something, or hire someone to perform a service for you."

There are chapters dealing with Ohio's "Udap" law, the Consumer Sales Practices Act, which gives consumers powerful legal rights that most merchants and businesses don't know about but you can use to protect your family and yourself.

Credit cards and credit reports are explained, data breaches and what to do about it, how to handle past due bills and telemarketers, the rules about buying cars, advertising car sales and much more.

Legal rights when it comes to home buying and home rehabbing are explained. And condo's and apartments too.

Retail sales scams and legal rights are explained, including rain checks and layaways, rent-to-own, gift card laws and the rules on health club and dating service memberships.

helping consumers make financially safe decisions
Helping Consumers Be Financially Safe
There's even a chapter on the purchase rights of people with handicaps and business investing.

And just when you think you've got it all, there are 7 "bonus" buying guides added at the end that are remarkably useful too.

If you want to protect yourself, if you want to know for sure what your rights before you get scammed or ripped off, this book is for you. And the price is oh so right - FREE.

lawyers working to improve justice for all
Lawyers working to improve Justice for all.
Wiseman's work is the result of support from the NHS Consumer Law Center, whose purpose is to help consumers and their families make informed and financially safe decisions in the marketplace, and from the Ohio State Bar Foundation, lawyers working to improve Justice for all.

If you want to be safe in the marketplace, if you want to make sure that you and your family don't become victims of crooked car dealers or telemarketers or scam artists, get this book. Read it. Use it. As sure as you do, you'll be glad you did. As sure as you don't, you'll wish you did.

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