Top Cars Loved by Men vs Women

Never one to shy away from blunt and sometimes controversial thoughts, the guys (figures) at Car Gurus have come up with a list of the cars that are most loved and wanted by men, and a separate list of the cars most loved and wanted by women.

The list comes from a survey they did called "Fenders by Gender" from actual car sales in 2010 and the findings are just what you would expect them to be.

For men, it's mostly sports cars and pickup trucks (half the list was pickup trucks alone).

For women, it's practical and economical cars with mid prices and a touch of style (SUV and "cross over" vehicles in the bunch but not a single pickup truck at all).

Topping the list for men is the Porsche 911, followed by the Corvette. For women, the winner is the Nissan Rogue, followed by the Ford Escape Hybrid.

Then, when you get both men and women together the settle on a different list altogether, with the Chrysler 300 in top place followed by the Mitsubishi Eclipse, but not a single pickup truck on the list at all.

You can find the top ten list for all three groups on the Car Gurus Blog by clicking here.

We have to agree on one thing with all three lists. Not a single #1 or #2 vehicle is on our own list Most Common Lemons. That's a good thing.

If you've got a bad one though, and your dealer isn't helping you, then call us. Getting rid of lemon cars and lemon trucks is what we do. Making the manufacturer pay our attorney fees too? Well, that's only right. After all, when you pay good money you ought to be getting a good motor vehicle.