If the dashboard warning light is on - watch out - that car may be a lemon!

When you are car shopping, it is common to test drive the car you are thinking of buying. What should you do if there is a lit up warning light on the dash? What if you hear a strange noise or the car doesn't run right? Watch out, that car may just be a lemon the dealer is trying to unload.

If the sales person tries to get you to not worry about it - that's exactly when you should worry the most. The simple fact is that a car dealer will promise almost anything to sell you a car. They know that until you drive off their lot, they still own it and they don't have your money.

The result? They often will promise to fix anything you want as long as you buy the car.

"Just make an appointment in our service department and bring it back in and we will fix that for you. Meanwhile, just sign right here and you can take it home today." STOP

If you already know there's a problem with the car, why would you want to buy it? No matter what the make or model or year, lots of those cars were made. So don't settle for one that you know already has a problem.

And don't believe the sales person when they say "that's a minor problem - our service department will get that fixed for you first thing tomorrow morning." Well, okay then, don't buy it tonight. Tell them to call you when they get it fixed and you'll come back and see.

Dealers want you to sign right away to buy their car. Why? Because they know that once you leave the lot, the odds are you won't be back. When you are there, it is there one best chance of getting you to sign on the dotted line. Don't fall for it.

If there is any problem with the car at all - make them fix it right them. Just remember this. A car dealer will do just about anything you want to get you to buy their car - before you drive it home. Once you drive it off the lot though, getting them to take care of problems later may be nothing but a wish and a hope.

"It will be covered by the warranty" is just another way a car dealer is telling you "Let me have your money now and we maybe we'll get that fixed tomorrow." Money is real. "Maybe" is just maybe.

If you were defrauded by a car dealer, call us.
Odds are, we can help get your money back,
and make the dealer pay for it too.