Flammable Fords Still on the Road, 8.4 million

Federal safety regulators at NHTSA just released a warning that there are still about 8.4 million Fords on the road that are subject to the "it can burn up at any time" recalls of 14 million Fords between 1999 and 2009. If you know anyone with one of them, tell them it's dangerous and to get their Ford to a Ford dealer to be checked out.

We've written about these flaming Fords before, like the one that burned down Peter Romans home in Ohio that burned his wife and two children to death. Or, in the same blog post, we talked about the homeowner in Minnesota whose 2000 Ford Expedition was parked in the garage and, all on its own, burned down the house.

Well, even though millions were recalled to fix the defect in the cruise control system in millions of these Fords, many owners had sold their Ford to someone else and many ownership records at Ford were simply out of date. With no way to reach them, and with over 8 million Fords not fixed, federal safety officials decided to release another press announcement to warn the public.

We went to the local Lowe's one weekend last summer when the announcement came over the loudspeaker that anyone who owned a Ford pickup truck parked out front should go out to their vehicle right away because it was on fire. Sure enough, when we came out of the store, there was a fire truck parked near a Ford truck, still putting out the engine compartment fire that apparently erupted while the owner was inside shopping.

This danger is real. And it can be deadly. And there is no advance warning. It just bursts into flames.

The only way to know for sure that your Ford had the recall repair done is to take it to a Ford dealer and ask. They shouldn't charge you either.

Don't let it happen to you. If your Ford dealer gives you a runaround or any stall or delay,contact us or call us right away, 1-888-331-6422 Toll Free. We know what to do.

Here's a list of the affected vehicles.

1. 1993 – 2004 F150
2. 1993 – 1999 F250 (gasoline engine)
3. 1993 – 1996 Bronco
4. 1994 – 1996 Econoline
5. 1997 – 2002 Ford Expedition
6. 1998 – 2002 Lincoln Navigator
7. 1998 – 2002 Ford Ranger
8. 1992 – 1998 Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car
9. 1993 – 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII
10. 1993 – 1995 Ford Taurus SHO with automatic transmission
11. 1994 – Mercury Capri
12. 1998 – 2001 Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer
13. 2001 – 2002 Ford Explorer Sport and Explorer Sport Trac
14. 1992 – 1993 and 1997 – 2003 Ford E-150-350 gasoline or natural gas vehicles
15. 2002 – E-550 gasoline engine vehicles
16. 1996 – 2003 E-450 gasoline or natural gas vehicles
17. 1994 – 2002 F-250 through F-550 super Duty trucks (gasoline engine)
18. 2000 – 2002 Ford Excursion (gasoline engine)
19. 2003 – F250 – F550 Super Duty, Ford Excursion
20. 1995 – 2002 Ford F53 Motor home chassis
21. 2002 – 2003 Lincoln Blackwood

Don't let it happen to you. If your Ford dealer gives you a runaround or any stall or delay,contact us or call us right away, 1-888-331-6422 Toll Free. We know what to do.

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