Enuf Obama & McCain Already

Let's take a break folks. Seems like everyday we get half a dozen emails with what some people call jokes but which actually have an undercurrent of bitter divisive ill will (and yes, sometimes just plain hatred) just below the surface. Enough already.

All this political stuff has finally overflowed the patience of many people who just want the election over with so we can get back to normal. Do yourself (and your email friends) a favor and don’t bother them with forwards of anti-Obama rumors, gossip, attempted-jokes, and the like. Don’t bother them with anti-McCain ones either.

If this nation keeps talking like a bunch of right wingers and left wingers, pretty soon there won't be anyone left in the middle. The middle? You remember that. It's the spot where sanity still resides, along with a little respect for elders and patience for the rest.

People are getting tired of all the drivel and slander that everyone is throwing around so gleefully nowadays, trying to think up the last garbage they can sling toward whoever the "other side" of their own argument may be. Let's face it, folks, Emails like that are a waste of your electrons and someone else's time.

It's bad enough someone out there wasted their time in the first place and worse yet that it keeps getting sent on to other folks. The stuff we've seen lately is worse than those chain letters people used to mail out. The only reason there is so much more of it nowadays is that an email goes out for free --- not even the cost of a postage stamp. All it takes is time and attitude, and not necessarily the right amount of either.

Obama is not a nut job or any other brand of extremist, no more than McCain can be called a right wing religious nut job or zealot.

The ones who are nuts are the ones who throw civility aside and keep propagating garbage like this breed we've been seeing lately that appeals purely to the darker side of humanity. The first time you see one of these emails, it might be mildly humorous but it all gets carried away so fast and so easily anymore.

We don’t know what happened to civility and courtesy but it all seems gone by the wayside in a political season filled with nothing but “the sky is falling” derogation if “the other one” is who gets elected instead of the other "other guy." It’s all rather ridiculous. And scairy.

This is the first election where there have been political ads actually paid for by presidential candidates that say the other guy is outright lieing. No niceties and no mincing of words. The position Obama and McCain both seek to fill deserves a cleaner and more meaningful discussion of important issues than all this mudslinging. How low you can go ought to be just a line from an old song and not a challange to the other side's evil-doers.

We do not believe that either candidate is of low character, a socialist, or any other crazy brand that both of the political parties now rather quickly say the other guy is part of.

The world will not end on January 20, no matter whose right hand is raised (and, that’s right, we don’t believe anything but the Bible is what their left hand will be on, no matter who gets elected).

McCain is a great war hero who deserves to be treated better and Obama is great leader in his own way and he deserves to be treated better too. All this paranoid frenzy being bandied about by their far out fringe self-proclaimed “supporters” is an insult to the system itself and the reaction to it in no small part may likely cost McCain the election.

So if you are going to send us any emails, all we ask is that you refrain from sending this hate-mongering and anger-inciting stuff to use or anyone else. We prefer good natured and light-hearted humor. Life is too short for all the mud slinging and doomsday forecasts and grief the politicians’ "best friends" are inundating us with.
Let's all take a deep breath and get back to sanity.
Ron Burdge
Because life is too short to make it tougher than it has to be.

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