Politicians are like Diapers

Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason. ~ Author Unknown

Just got back from watching Robin Williams' new movie, Man of the Year. Great flick. While some "critics" have been critical, others have liked the movie. We're in that last far.

Granted I'm a huge fan of Robin Williams anyway ever since I saw a skit years ago with him and Billy Crystal doing stand up at some improv. They bounced lines off each other with a remarkable, and sometimes biting, snappy wit. Both are incredible comedians that rank with the very best.

The film, however, is full of some great lines of humor and no small dose of truth in more places than one. See the trailer here.

The best line of the film comes at the end when Williams says the quote above, politicians are like diapers. The both need changing regularly and for the same reason.

As the November election nears, that's a line worth remembering when you step into the voting booth this year. Ohio needs a new direction on practically every level of government, and particularly in the Attorney General's office, where the doors have been open to big business interests all too long, while consumer's needs have been all but ignored.

And now, a conservative who had the job once before (and did little with it) until time ran out and she had to change government jobs, and when time ran out there she thought she'd run for governor until her own party members wouldn't vote for her as governor, and then she thought she might as well go back to the soft cushion seat she put in her chair at the AG's office. Consumers don't need someone who just wants "another government job."

Consumers need Marc Dann for Ohio Attorney General, a family man who cares about the law and protecting consumers. After all, this is the government office that enforces the Ohio Lemon Law...or doesn't. This is the government office that enforces Ohio's Consumer Protection laws...or doesn't.

It's about time we elected an Attorney General who cares about consumers again. It's about time we elected Marc Dann.