Nissan's Rogue Shakes on Down the Road

Nissan's Rogue is a great looking SUV and even though SUV's are getting a hard time over their fuel mileage, the Rogue is getting a hard time over something else. If you've got a Nissan Rogue, or even if you're just thinking about buying one (new or used), be careful.

The Rogue's hard time is over its hard ride. Vibration, vibration, vibration. And lots of internet chatter about it is a warning. Even the New York Times reviewer lamented over the 2008 model's excessive vibration, "I had previously driven two pre-production development models, a step away from cars that would go to customers. It was in the first preproduction model that I noted vibrations through the floor and steering wheel in the 1,200 to 1,500 r.p.m. range. In a second preproduction model, the vibrations were much less noticeable, but still present. So I waited to drive a production version before forming my judgment. It wasn’t long into this drive to Pittsburg that the vibrations started givin’ me excitations once again. They were less noticeable than with the first car, but worse than the second."

So, for $20,000 +, an SUV price that is right, you get all shook up. Folks, shook up at any price is still just plain silly for any car, let alone one from the usually-well-engineered Nissan line.

And what does Nissan say in defense?

Brian Brockman, a Nissan spokesman, reportedly said the vibrations, and sometimes a booming noise, were associated with the way the torque converter lockup clutch, which works to increase an engine’s efficiency and fuel economy, is tuned. He added, “but that was a decision that was made during the development process.”

Oh great. Now you're telling me you made it that way on purpose? C'mon, Nissan, get real.
If the engineering is that bad, don't make it in the first place. If you already made it, then buy it back. At least the 1980's Yugo had an excuse.

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