Great Mpg or Real Life Mpg?

Where did all these high-mileage cars come from all of a sudden?

It seems you can't watch TV, surf the Internet or pick up a newspaper without seeing an advertisement from an auto manufacturer touting a vehicle that gets 25 to 30 miles per gallon or more. If all these thrifty and, by extension, environmentally friendly vehicles are out there, why didn't we know about it before now?

The truth, as always, is in the fine print. We seldom see articles elsewhere that can really help car owners and buyers figure out things, but here's one from BankRate.com that tells you a lot more about those "high mileage" cars and trucks than meets the eye and well worth reading. Click here for more.

Meanwhile, if your new car or truck is getting lousy miles per gallon and you think you've been had, you can do something about it. While it's tough to fight over the mpg aspect when the sticker tries hard to wiggle out of the numbers they represent, if your mpg is drastically off, it could mean that there's a defect or problem with your vehicle that is eating away at your mpg numbers. Take your vehicle back to your dealer and complain. Some variance from the EPA numbers might happen, but you shouldn't be drastically off target.

And if you get the run around from your dealer, remember that the squeeky wheel is the one that gets the grease so keep complaining.

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