Tata, Baby, Tata

Well, there goes Jaguar. And Land Rover. Bye bye, baby, bye bye. Or maybe Tata, baby, tata.

Tata Motors, from India, looks to be the high-bid winner in the "Jaguar and Land Rover sales auction" from Ford for a cool $2 Billion, according to reports from Britain's Birmingham Post newspaper.

Granted there might be a stack of paperwork to sign off but what the heck, Ford can probably use the money. Lord knows the way they argue over warranty claims with their customers you'd think things were really tight in Dearborn.

The sale process at Jaguar appears to have taken its toll on Jaguar car quality too, judging from complaints we're getting around here. So maybe the quality can get back to what Ford had it at several years ago.

No one knows what Tata will do but production of the long-standing English cars is not expected to move to any of Tata's plants in India, although they have at least four manufacturing facilities scattered across India.

If quality goes down, don't worry. We'll still be here ready to fight for your warranty rights. England, Dearborn or Delhi. It doesn't matter to us.

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