No 2 Alike: The Impala Corvette

Why would anyone buy a new $44k + Corvette and strip the body off and start over again with a bare chassis? Because you could end up with this, that's why.

Take a Corvette chassis, rip off the body, put on the front styled body from a 57 Chevy, make the sides like the 58 Chevy, then a rear like a 59 Chevy. And here's what you get. They call it the "789" and it's not like anything else on the road.

It truly is a georgous car. And it runs like a Vette because under the skin, it really is a Corvette. A company called n2a Motors has plans to build just a hundred of these hot looking cars at a cost of $75k or so above the base Corvette's price.

n2a Motors is the corporate child of the designers at Kanter Koncepts, whose motto is "find something interesting" (with some help from the supercar folks at Anteros) and they apparently found it here. They've gotten some serious praise from Corvette fans and for good reason. It's a classic design on a fast and proven chassis.

What makes it unique is the state of the art chassis with the the artful state of the body, taking three classic styles that are each instantly recognizable and merging them into one eyeball-appealing shape.

Throw in the ostrich leather, the 1,000 watt stereo, tons of other specialty items and any idea you want to top it off with. Then toss in $135k to make it all happen and you'll be drooling inside the car almost as much as the people standing on the street who watch you drive by. The word unique doesn't even begin to cover it. Oh, it must be nice to be rich. Oh well, the rest of us can look at the pictures, napkin in hand.

With all that high tech, proven reliable parts, and dressed to the 9's appearance, you probably won't find a lemon in the bunch. It's just too bad that it takes $135k to get it.