NOW is the time to get rid of a lemon vehicle

A consumer called us today and asked if they should file their Motorcycle Lemon Law case now or wait until spring since they aren't using the bike anyway. Good question.

Like boaters, most bikers don't use their bikes in the winter months in the northern US. Since they aren't riding, the motorcycle defects are not as important or bothersome to many bikers. So they tend to put off their complaints until they get their motorcycle out in the Spring months. That can be a problem.

Here's some reasons why now is the right time to get rid of your lemon motorcycle.

1. Your warranty is running out on you all the time. Manufacturers often argue that since months went by without a consumer complaint, then there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. They don't care if it was winter. They don't care if you were out of town. They don't care if you didn't need transportation because you were laid off. If there was no complaining then, to them, there was no problem. So, complain.

2. It takes time to process a Lemon Law claim. Starting your claim in the winter months gives you a better chance of having it resolved in time for you to be riding a new bike when the spring and summer months get here. If you wait until Springtime, then you probably will lose the whole summer while you put up with a bike that doesn't run right for even longer - right at the time when you wish you could be riding it.

3. It's the end of the year and the manufacturer will want to get it "off the books." Many manufacturers close out their financial books at the first of each year. If they have a claim that they can pay in December, their accountants almost always prefer it that way. You can take advantage of that.

So if you've got a lemon motorcycle, now is the right time to get rid of it. And if your dealer or your manufacturer won't help you out, then call us. Getting rid of lemon motorcycles is what we do. Everyday. Since 1978. Making them pay your legal costs too, well that's only fair.

Burdge Law Office
Because life's too short to ride a bad bike.

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