Ford & Navistar Engine Troubles Mounting

Navistar and Ford are the subject of at least 5 major lawsuits over their faulty diesel engines in the 2003 through 2007 model year Fords. And now here comes another one.

The Navistar 6 liter engines are at the heart of the litigation. Ford put the Navistar engines in a variety of models before consumer complaints reached such a frenzy that they could no longer stand the heat. Ford bought the engines from Navistar and then the warranty claims apparently went wild, with numerous manufacturing and design defects alleged by numerous consumer-owners of the bad trucks.

Back in 2007 Ford filed a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Navistar over the faulty engines. This newest lawsuit was filed by a consumer in federal court in California against both Ford and Navistar and you can read the lawsuit papers (called the "Complaint") by clicking here. This case asks the court to make it a California-state-wide class action on behalf of all California consumers.

We've been seeing these bad diesel engine Ford truck cases for years now and have been dealing with them one at a time. Class actions are nice, and we handle them too, but many times an owner just wants to get rid of their bad vehicle and go on in life. It takes patience and perseverance to be willing to pursue a manufacturer not just for yourself, but also on behalf of every one of the victims who got stuck with a bad product.

These engines can cost thousands of dollars to replace and repairs, in our experience, seem to be little more than a band-aid that stalls off the bigger replacement cost that will eventually come anyway.

The result for consumers has been big money lost while owning the Ford diesel truck and just as big a loss when you try to trade it in or sell it - because the diesel truck's reputation has ruined the truck's value. After all, anyone who does just a little research on the internet will turn up tons of complaints from other consumers.

If you've got a bad Ford diesel truck - if you've paid money for repairs or engine replacement - you've got rights. If Ford won't help you, we will. Getting rid of lemon diesel Ford trucks is what we do. Everyday. Since 1978. It's only fair.

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