Giving Back with Backpacks Filled for the Needy

Each year the staff of Burdge Law Office does something for a local charity to help out the needy. This year we are supporting Fairhaven Church's drive to fill 1,000 Backpacks for the area's homeless, including needy children.

The entire staff joined in the effort to fill some of the one thousand backpacks with warm gloves, scarves, blankets for the kids, warm hats, food items, fast food restaurant gift cars, toiletry items and more. Now, with the drive winding down, it's great to see so many backpacks jammed full of needed items for the homeless in our home town community.

In the last year, attorney Burdge was also invited to several national and state Consumer Advocate seminars to give presentations to attorneys and judges and other professionals on the importance, value and reward of giving back to the community and the legal profession, based on research he and others have conducted on how the simple human act of sharing and giving impacts the world we live in, the legal profession, and each giver too.

The staff of our law firm has always sought to help the needy in our world and every one of us is proud to have contributed to the Fairhaven Church Backpacks for Target Dayton project. The homeless of every community can use a helping hand and we encourage you to help out in your home town too.

Giving is what makes the spirit of Christmas last all year long.

Burdge Law Office
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