Honda Element Bites the Dust

After 8 years of trying, the odd-shaped Honda Element is coming to an end, Honda has announced.

It started out as a unique box design that has since been emulated and copied by other car builders, notably the best-selling Soul. Now, no longer unique, model year 2011 will be its last.

The numbers did it.

Honda sales were up last month by more than 15% but the Element itself fell more than 11%. While Honda sold about 325,000 of the odd-shaped cars mostly to younger owners, sales this year are down to only about 12,000.

Were they reliable? Apparently. The Honda Element had a run of 8 years and we never had a single lemon come in the door. Maybe that means you should get one while they are still on the dealer showroom floor.

Meanwhile, if you have another car that is a lemon, give us a call. We can get your money back or a new one for free and make the manufacturer pay the attorney fees so you won't have to. Of course, if you have a Honda Element, we won't be waiting for you to call.

Because life's too short to drive a lemon,
any kind of lemon.