Ford's Dumb Diesels

Ford's Navistar diesel engines appear to be a disaster looming in the near future for thousands of consumers. Navistar started supplying Ford with 6.0 liter diesel engines for its 2003 model year and now the internet is littered with engine complaints by unhappy owners and suspicious diesel mechanics. Apparently with good reason.

In fact over at (a forum only open to registered Ford diesel technicians) there was posted a video of a 2008 Ford Super Duty pickup truck shooting flames from its tailpipes. No one is saying where the video came from butit's pretty shocking to see a truck throwing flames while in idle and even more so when the engine is revved up.

The danger was so bad it resulted in Ford recalling 33,000 of the '08 F-250, F350, F-450 and F-550 trucks.

Early on the problems were blamed on the engine's ECU computer which controlled the engine and Ford reprogrammed it but consumer complaints didn't go away..

Fuel injectors and injector controller harness problems surfaced and replacing injectors started being talked about. Water in the fuel line started to be complained of and people wondereed about the fuel filtration system. Then it was the fuel pump and oil pump.

As miles began to pile up on the diesel Ford trucks, the consumer complaints piled up too. The worst problems seem to come between 40,000 miles and 80,000 miles. Numerous customer complaints resulted in the Auto Channel detailing the horror stories and factory excuses.

That was compounded by diesel fights between Ford and Navistar over who was to blame, resulting in an ugly lawsuit and reports that Ford had spent over a billion dollars in warranty repairs and reports that Ford had told Navistar it wouldn't buy diesel engines from them after '09.

Things got uglier with warranty chargebacks and production halts as the money fight got big. Navistar claimed Ford owed it $2 billion and that Ford was bound by contract to keep using Navistar diesel engines. Several times the fight's intensity went up and down, with claims and counter claims adding to the insults. All the while Ford's highly profitable F series of trucks was put in danger.

Then it all stopped. In fact, some of the web site pages dealing with the feud have even disappeared. Are things suddenly cozy again between the two auto giants? Not likely...

Meanwhile, thousands of diesel F series owners are driving around with the danger of flaming out like a jet, leaving me wondering if the garage burning down is next?

If I owned a 2008 Super Duty with the 6.4L Power Stroke engine, I'd be calling Ford to not only reflash the engine management system but to also inspect the injectors and turbos. Who knows what problems are coming down the pipeline...

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