Dodge Nitro Blowing Up?

You have to wonder why Chrysler makes so many models that compete with each other, instead of with other brands, and just how long can that kind of marketing survive?

Take the Dodge Nitro. It competes with the Jeep Liberty. Then there's the Chrysler Sebring competing with the Dodge Avenger. The Jeep Commander competes with the Grand Cherokee. And the Chrysler Aspen competes with the Dodge Durango. That may be one reason the Durango's sales have slid down 30% this year.

While job security for union workers is important, all this duplication with stale products isn't economically healthy for the Cerberus-owned stepchild.

We predict that sooner or later something's gotta give. One or more of those duplicate models is going to be cut from the Chrysler lineup. It has to because Cerberus is all about money and plugging up the duplicate holes in the dike is one way to stop the bleeding of the cash from the Chrysler cow.

Cerberus is no dummy. They know that they need new designs and models to catch the public interest again if they are going to make money in this business. And making money is, like we said, what they are all about.

So, when Chrysler abandons your car, and the parts have to be back ordered to fix your defects, just remember that 30 days our of service can make your car a lemon. Then you can get it replaced with one of those newly designed models. We can help when the time comes. Sueing car dealers and manufacturers is what we do. Every day.