Chrysler Creates Customer Advocate Job

In an effort to learn something about customer care from the Japanese, Chrysler has created a new "customer advocate" job and hired a man from Nissan to fill it.

Doug Betts is the company's new chief customer officer. Have you got a lemon? Then write down this guy's name because he's who you should argue with. And when you get the runaround from this guy, call us and we'll take over dealing with him.

Betts was the VP of customer satisfaction for Nissan North America before taking on the new job at Chrysler. Chrysler's Vice Chairman, Jim Press, says Bett's job will be a liaison between Chrysler customers and executives to deal with "quality issues" and Betts will be reporting direct to VP Press.

So, if you've got one of those 81,000 recalled Jeep Wrangler or Dodge Nitro vehicles that stall, call Betts. If you've got one of the PT Cruisers recalled for having "fly off" windows, call Betts. If you've got one of the Chrysler Pacifica vehicles being investigated for fuel tank punctures, call Betts.

What? You say you don't know Betts' phone number? Neither do we. Seems he's out there somewhere ... we just don't know where!

Got a lemon? Get a Burdge attorney. We may not get ahold of Betts, but we will get ahold of Chrysler! If you've got a lemon, don't go it alone. Call us, 888.331.6422 Toll Free from anywhere. Or email us today.