The Car Toilet Has Arrived

Stuck in rush hour traffic and have "to go"? Well, Japan's Kaneko Sangyo Company has the answer for you!

They have developed the first toilet-in-a-brief-case for those times in your car when Mother Nature calls and you can't get to the next rest stop in time. No, folks, I'm not kidding.

Kaneko is a big plastic car accessories manufacturer in Japan, where there must be a lot of traffic jams I guess. Japan's Kyodo News is quoting a company official on the invention as saying, "The commode will come in handy during major disasters such as earthquakes or when you are caught in a traffic jam."

It comes complete with a window curtain to keep out the prying, envious eyes of nearby drivers, and is small enough to fit inside a suitcase. It's made of a cardboard toilet bowl that you can hurriedly assemble when needed. All you do is fit a water absorbent sheet inside the bowl, pull the curtain around you, and you're all set to go, so to speak. Of course, there's a plastic bag for quick and easy disposal.

Good grief. I just don't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for those Toyko drivers ...