Thank a Veteran. They Earned it.

This guest post is remarkable and remarkably accurate. It's also timely for this weekend. Slow down this weekend and read it. Then give your thanks to a vet. Too many times we speak without thinking in life. This weekend, think about it and then speak it to a veteran near you.
Older veterans of WWII, Korea, Nam and other periods of service are becoming few and far between with many passing on every day, but you're bound to have plenty of them in your past and many still in your midst yet right now. From the Revolutionary War of 1775, through the wars 'to end all wars' down to the many undeclared 'police actions' and current conflicts, you've had a father, grandfather, uncle, cousin, other family member or friend, directly involved in some sort of service to your country.

Some came back in pieces. Many never came back at all. Some were left to rot where they fell, buried in the rubble of war. Some were blown away on unknown battlefields. Some went down in the bellies of their ships, gasping for that last precious breath of life. All were far from family and friends and loved ones. Some, who never knew any higher power existed, suddenly found themselves calling out with a new found fervor on finding that civilized man is quite capable of treating fellow humans in ungodly ways.

Some were left behind, forgotten as POW or MIA pawns to be debated, bargained for and traded as years wore on. Most of those who served who eventually got back home were profoundly changed mentally, physically and spiritually.

Whether it was a member of the Concord Militia, an early patriot that fought with Washington, a later Doughboy, GI Joe, Grunt or plain 'ol groundpounder you owe them all a debt that can never be fully repaid.

Visit Valley Forge, the beaches of Normandy, Pork Chop Hill or any of the other many fields now history. Put yourself in those boots. Imagine what went on and just what life was like for those doing what they felt was right at the time, for a cause they believed in.

Support the many veterans still here, who have given for you, your children, your grandchildren and on down the line forevermore. Encourage your Congressman to place high priority on the promises made and to meet the needs of those who have given much for the freedom of all. Support and join your local organizations that represent veterans.

Fly your flag. Stand tall when watching a parade that includes veterans. Put a flag on their graves to reaffirm your thankfulness and show your respect.

Think of what it is for you to be standing, living and breathing, while a veteran, who helped provide the freedom you too often take for granted, lies six feet under.

Don't do it just on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Veterans Day or other holidays. Do it in your minds, hearts and deeds every day of the year.
Why should you do any less ??

This post is courtesy of a beloved veteran of World War II, my father, Dale Burdge, who lives in Georgia now, relaxing and enjoying his wonderful wife and the family that loves him. My older brother, Larry, served in Vietman while I served in the Air Force, retraining pilots at an air base in California. I was lucky. Never not to 'nam.. To those who served, like them, we should all be grateful. What they did made a difference in their lives. It made a difference in all of ours too.

Stop and take two minutes this Memorial Day Weekend to watch this video (click here) and see one way veterans are being thanked for their service. Remember your veteran this weekend. Thank them for the sacrifice they gave for all of us. Too many of them are no longer here to thank. Click here to watch the video and remember. 

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