Americans driving less miles than in almost a decade

You can tell the economy is still pinched tight. The Detroit Bureau is reporting that although car sales are creeping upward, Americans as a rule are driving less now than they have at any time since 2003 according to federal Dept of Transporation statistics.

That may be part of the reason that fuel prices a creeping down a little too, but they are still higher than recent times. But gas stations around here are still above $3.60, like most of the rest of the country.

Higher gas prices, joblessness, belt-tightening all around - it all adds up to the "hunker down" mentality that seems to have permeated US consumers. Driving is down in a down economy.

At the same time, recalls are still happening regularly.

Just this week Harley recalled bikes for brake lamp system defects, Daimler Trucks recalled buses for brake line dangers and fire dangers, Blue Bird recalled vehicles for passenger seat problems, Cruiser RV had its recall, along with Jayco travel trailers. Even fire trucks were recalled by Ferrara for steering problems that could cause a crash.

In the first 15 business days of this month there have been 25 recalls announced by federal safety investigators. Everything from Chevys to fire trucks and lots in between. Maybe all the recalls have something to do with less mileage too?

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