Want a cell phone that recharges just sitting in your pocket? It exists ...

We could spend our time talking about the Japanese earthquake, etc, but everyone else is doing that so let's talk about something that might more directly affect you. How about a cell phone that doesn't need to plug in to recharge itself? It exists and it's built by Nokia.

Called the Nokia E-Cu concept phone (and you thought concept cars were the only concept thing made?). It's slim and easy to use. Best of all, it recharges from any heat source at all, including your own body heat.

In fact, anytime it is in an area that is between 86 degrees and 104 degrees Fahrenheit, it starts charging itself. So, out by the pool on a sunny day? Might as well charge up your phone while you catch some rays.

And it looks cool too. It has a shimmering copper coating that just oozes class. The back has etchings on it that increase the surface area for recharging apparently. It's beyond cool.

And it would get rid of an estimated 51,000 tons of waste caused by phone chargers that people already throw away. In fact, it could get rid of all chargers. That's cool too.

Only one problem. Nokia made their concept phone but they don't have any plan to actually build it for the marketplace. Guess they have a big investment in some battery company somewhere?