Your Cell Phone Says Something About Your Car

There's an interesting article over at TechRepublic, written by Jason Hiner, on what your type of cell phone says about you and the kind of car you probably drive. And, judging from people we know, there's more than a little truth to Hiner's thoughts.

The premise of the article is that the kind of smartphone you have says just as much about you as does the car you drive. For example, BlackBerry phones are used chiefly by corporate professionals. So it makes sense to guess that those are the types likely to drive a Cadillac CTS (the BlackBerry Bold phone model) or a Toyota Corolla (for the Curve phone) or an Audi (for the Storm model phone).

And the Nokia E71, with its great battery life, is a predictable match for a Toyota Prius owner.

The Apple iPhone 4? That probably matches up with Jaguar alright, but there aren't millions of Jaguars on the roads to match the million plus iPhone 4's that have hit the street. But the iPhone 3GS and BMW owners? Well, from personal experience we can say he hit that one on the button.

Check the list out and see if your smartphone matches up to the car you drive --- or the car that maybe you should drive --- here: "Comparing smartphones to cars". Or you can check out the photo gallery which matches up the pictures of each phone next to Hiner's idea of the car that fits its owner, here: "Photos: Comparing smartphones to cars".