Massive Toyota - Lexus Floor Mat Recall

Editor's Note: because of the dangerous and massive nature of the floor mat recall announced by Toyota yesterday, we are reprinting this article here to give it wide circulation.

Massive Toyota Floor Mat Recall and Lexus Floor Mat Recall

Toyota has recalled 3.8 million vehicles in what is the largest recall it has ever done. Apparently floor mats can get jammed at the gas pedal, causing the engine to accelerate uncontrollably, during which the engine can not be shut down.

Do you own one of these potential Toyota or potential Lexus lemons with a deadly defect or dangerous floor mat design?

2007 Camry
2008 Camry
2009 Camry
2010 Camry
2005 Avalon
2006 Avalon
2007 Avalon
2008 Avalon
2009 Avalon
2010 Avalon
2007 Tundra
2008 Tundra
2009 Tundra
2010 Tundra
2005 Tacoma
2006 Tacoma
2007 Tacoma
2008 Tacoma
2009 Tacoma
2010 Tacoma
2004 Prius
2005 Prius
2006 Prius
2007 Prius
2008 Prius
2009 Prius
2007 Lexus ES 350
2008 Lexus ES 350
2009 Lexus ES 350
2010 Lexus ES 350
2006 Lexus IS 250
2007 Lexus IS 250
2008 Lexus IS 250
2009 Lexus IS 250
2010 Lexus IS 250
2006 Lexus IS 350
2007 Lexus IS 350
2008 Lexus IS 350
2009 Lexus IS 350
2010 Lexis IS 350

The recall was prompted by years of runaway accelerator complaints and investigations that culminated in the August death of a highway patrolman and 4 passengers in a Lexus being driven by the officer. The passengers called 911 just minutes before their death in a violent 120 mph crash, saying that the accelerator had become stuck and the car would not shut off.

Officials suspect the driver side floor mat became lodged at the gas pedal with the accelerator in a wide open position.

Toyota admits to reports of the problem going back to its 2004 model year Prius. Federal safety officials say they received 102 reports of jammed accelerators in Toyota and Lexus models that resulted in at least 13 crashes and 17 injuries before the August crash that killed the off-duty California Highway Patrol officer.

Toyota reportedly has said that all driver side floor mats should be immediately removed from vehicles and nothing should be used, not even paper mats, until they come up with a solution.

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Wizard of Oz Returns to Movie Screens One Night Only

This coming Wednesday, the classic Wizard of Oz Judy Garland film returns to the big screen for one night only. It's a digital remastering of the original film that restores it to all its glory and more, a quality level that the original film could not achieve because of the technology of its day.

There are few movies that stand the test of time and endure generations of audiences. This is one. Here's where to find the nearest theatre and where to get your movie tickets online:

Don't count on any tickets being left at the box office.

Originally released in 1939, this remastered high definition version of the classic will show at less than 500 theatres nationwide, but that's all. It's the 70th anniversary of the film's debut and the remastering of the classic gives a new generation a chance to see it with a clarity that no one has seen before.

MGM released the film in its heyday, when 49 other movies were released that year, including Gone With the Wind, but only this one became the classic that every parent wanted their children to see and which they themselves enjoyed again and again.

Rarely do classic films get back to the big screen, where they were intended to be shown. This time, the movie screen version will also show movie outakes and interviews of some of the actors too, something normally only seen on a movie's dvd release.

The Wizard of Oz is one of those movies that most people have seen but few have ever seen as it was intended to be seen, on a giant movie theater screen where it all comes alive.

Check the website and find a screen near you. Then grab the kids (or the grandkids) and go. I guarantee you will leave the theater with a smile and more smiles are a good thing nowadays.

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Tesla's Roadster Compared to Han Solo's Millennium Falcon

The Tesla Roadster is here. And is it ever unique.

Electric power that is virtually unheard of, both in its pickup and its range. Deemed quirky by some because of its odd fit and finish, but beautiful to behold and quiet enough to hold a conversation in with no noisey effects.

The best review of the new car yet to be seen has just showed up on the Ward's Auto .com website here:

If you haven't heard of the Tesla Roadster, you will. And if the company makes the interior as nice to be in as it has made the outside as nice to look at, this will be the electric car for all the others to beat. And that won't be easy, although the $128,500 starting price can buy a lot of gasoline.

Drop dead looks, 0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds, and a range of over 200 miles on a single battery charge --- that's what the price buys you. Oh, and the ability to feel what han Solo felt when he kicked the Millennium Falcon into warp speed. Okay, that just might be worth it.

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Toyota Hid Evidence About Liability, Their ExLawyer Says

A lawyer who worked for Toyota says the manufacturer hid and destroyed evidence about accidents involving their vehicles from the courts, federal investigators and lawyers representing victims in lawsuits against the company.

Automotive News is reporting that Dimitrios Biller worked as an attorney for Toyota Motor Corp. for four years until 2007, including representing the automaker in accident litigation. In a lawsuit filed this summer in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Biller said Toyota did not listen to his urgings to disclose all the evidence it had in rollover lawsuits or for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulations.

The lawsuit, a public record, was quickly met by an effort of Toyota to get the judge assigned to the case to "seal' the record so no one would see what Biller is saying. But for now, the court documents are public. And the possible existence of evidence that could harm Toyota in accident litigation has caused Dallas attorney Todd Tracy to plan to refile 15 rollover, frontal-impact and rear-impact suits against Toyota.

Tracy, who fought against Biller in Toyota cases, has said he can not imagine Biller is making it up and he's not the only attorney who is getting ready to refile their cases.

Meanwhile, what is Toyota's response? Toyota spokesman Mike Michels said the company was "concerned" with Biller's breach of attorney-client privilege and contracts in disclosing information from when he worked at Toyota.

Notice that they didn't deny hiding evidence, they didn't deny destroying evidence, they just said he shouldn't be allowed to tell anyone about it. The whole thing sounds like a lawyer with a conscience and most people would be quick to say there's nothing wrong with that.

Courts will be looking to see if the allegations are true and if they are, Toyota may face some huge penalties and fines and dozens of new lawsuits on old cases that they thought they had won already. And rightly so.

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