Tesla's Roadster Compared to Han Solo's Millennium Falcon

The Tesla Roadster is here. And is it ever unique.

Electric power that is virtually unheard of, both in its pickup and its range. Deemed quirky by some because of its odd fit and finish, but beautiful to behold and quiet enough to hold a conversation in with no noisey effects.

The best review of the new car yet to be seen has just showed up on the Ward's Auto .com website here: http://wardsauto.com/testdrive/drive_tesla_acceleration_090904/

If you haven't heard of the Tesla Roadster, you will. And if the company makes the interior as nice to be in as it has made the outside as nice to look at, this will be the electric car for all the others to beat. And that won't be easy, although the $128,500 starting price can buy a lot of gasoline.

Drop dead looks, 0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds, and a range of over 200 miles on a single battery charge --- that's what the price buys you. Oh, and the ability to feel what han Solo felt when he kicked the Millennium Falcon into warp speed. Okay, that just might be worth it.

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