Detroit Auto Show Ends

For a nicely done and thorough review of the Detroit Auto Show, check out TheAutoChannel wrap up article by Steve Purdy.

He takes the time, and has the experience, to contrast each maker's display with their past work and noted the lack of flash this year. He also has some good thoughts on the new models and concepts that were shown and I agree completely that the Cadillac Converj was the best looking thing at the show. Too bad it's just a concept car for now. If the Chevy Volt takes off though, it could give the Caddy model a well-deserved jolt toward production.

Meanwhile Tesla and Fisker made their first appearance at the show, with their electric cars that are pricey but good looking and highly desirable. Both have their pricey cars in production and if you've got enough green in your wallet you can have their green in your driveway. The Fisker S is a remarkable electric machine and won Detroit News' best electric vehicle vote at the show.
But the car-you-can-have-right-now to beat all cars at the show, was the bright red, race-track worthy Audi R8 V10. To call it a "super sports car" is an understatement. Made of all aluminum and magnesium under its skin, the Audi R8 was probably the most technologically advanced car at the show and looks more than capable of flight on wheels. These cars are available right now and every once in a rare while (mostly in California) you'll see one on the road.

Check out Steve Purdy's article for more details. It's well worth the read if you love cars. Even though we're lemon lawyers, we too love a well built car. One of these days, maybe that'll be the way they're all built. Until then, if you've got a lemon car or a lemon truck, call us or email us. We know how to get you a new one or your money back. It's what we've been doing since 1978.

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