Enuf Obama & McCain Already

Let's take a break folks. Seems like everyday we get half a dozen emails with what some people call jokes but which actually have an undercurrent of bitter divisive ill will (and yes, sometimes just plain hatred) just below the surface. Enough already.

All this political stuff has finally overflowed the patience of many people who just want the election over with so we can get back to normal. Do yourself (and your email friends) a favor and don’t bother them with forwards of anti-Obama rumors, gossip, attempted-jokes, and the like. Don’t bother them with anti-McCain ones either.

If this nation keeps talking like a bunch of right wingers and left wingers, pretty soon there won't be anyone left in the middle. The middle? You remember that. It's the spot where sanity still resides, along with a little respect for elders and patience for the rest.

People are getting tired of all the drivel and slander that everyone is throwing around so gleefully nowadays, trying to think up the last garbage they can sling toward whoever the "other side" of their own argument may be. Let's face it, folks, Emails like that are a waste of your electrons and someone else's time.

It's bad enough someone out there wasted their time in the first place and worse yet that it keeps getting sent on to other folks. The stuff we've seen lately is worse than those chain letters people used to mail out. The only reason there is so much more of it nowadays is that an email goes out for free --- not even the cost of a postage stamp. All it takes is time and attitude, and not necessarily the right amount of either.

Obama is not a nut job or any other brand of extremist, no more than McCain can be called a right wing religious nut job or zealot.

The ones who are nuts are the ones who throw civility aside and keep propagating garbage like this breed we've been seeing lately that appeals purely to the darker side of humanity. The first time you see one of these emails, it might be mildly humorous but it all gets carried away so fast and so easily anymore.

We don’t know what happened to civility and courtesy but it all seems gone by the wayside in a political season filled with nothing but “the sky is falling” derogation if “the other one” is who gets elected instead of the other "other guy." It’s all rather ridiculous. And scairy.

This is the first election where there have been political ads actually paid for by presidential candidates that say the other guy is outright lieing. No niceties and no mincing of words. The position Obama and McCain both seek to fill deserves a cleaner and more meaningful discussion of important issues than all this mudslinging. How low you can go ought to be just a line from an old song and not a challange to the other side's evil-doers.

We do not believe that either candidate is of low character, a socialist, or any other crazy brand that both of the political parties now rather quickly say the other guy is part of.

The world will not end on January 20, no matter whose right hand is raised (and, that’s right, we don’t believe anything but the Bible is what their left hand will be on, no matter who gets elected).

McCain is a great war hero who deserves to be treated better and Obama is great leader in his own way and he deserves to be treated better too. All this paranoid frenzy being bandied about by their far out fringe self-proclaimed “supporters” is an insult to the system itself and the reaction to it in no small part may likely cost McCain the election.

So if you are going to send us any emails, all we ask is that you refrain from sending this hate-mongering and anger-inciting stuff to use or anyone else. We prefer good natured and light-hearted humor. Life is too short for all the mud slinging and doomsday forecasts and grief the politicians’ "best friends" are inundating us with.
Let's all take a deep breath and get back to sanity.
Ron Burdge
Because life is too short to make it tougher than it has to be.


Gun Rights Law Changes in Ohio

Whether you like guns or not, Ohio has a new self defense law and it's clear that guns are king.

The new gun rights law has been dubbed "the Castle Doctrine" after the notion that a home is a man's (or woman's) castle and you have the absolute right to defend it. The new law took effect September 9, 2008 and it's a game-changer.

New provisions:

- a homeowner who uses deadly force against an intruder is presumed innocent

- homeowners do not have to retreat and can use force greater than what they are confronted with (think: they got a knife? you can use your gun)

- the law applies to your motor vehicle as well as your home

- an owner who rightfully uses self-defense is immune to civil lawsuits from intruders or their families

- a handgun permit holder can pick up and drop off a child in a school safety zone, where firearms are generally prohibited

- a loaded handgun can be transported in a vehicle's unlocked glove compartment or center console

- a landlord cannot evict a permit-carrying tenant for keeping a firearm on the rented premises

- prosecutors can still criminally charge the owner if it's proven that illegal activity was going on in the home or vehicle at the time of the use of force

No matter what you may think of firearms, it's clear that Ohio's new self defense law, which some are also calling the "Gun Rights" law, is turning back the clock to the days of the Wild West.

Some may say it only means that you have the right to defend your home, and that concept is understandable, but has the Ohio legislature gone a bit too far? That all depends on whether you have a streak of "Dirty Harry" in your mentality, I suppose.

Most folks have no problem with the idea of self defense and rightfully so, but packing heat in a school yard is just a tad too much for those same folks. After all, if you can't carry a concealed Glock pistol inside the state capital building, how come you can carry it in the schoolyard?

Maybe this is one law that proves the strength of the NRA in the Ohio statehouse?

Burdge Law Office

Helping consumers protect themselves since 1978 (without using guns to do so)


Consumer Reports Top 5 Vehicles to Avoid

A short while back, Consumer Reports recently published its annual "Best & Worst Cars" issue. Perusing the best car models is always fun, but it is equally important to pay attention to models that received the lowest scores. Consumer Reports rates each car on a 100 point scale, based on more than 50 unbiased tests and evaluations.

Considerations when testing vehicles include:

- Safety. Each car is tested at its handing limit, determining how the vehicle will respond to emergency avoidance maneuvers and extreme road conditions.
- Real World Fuel Economy. Those who test the vehicles gauge the fuel economy of both everyday driving and driving on a controlled track.
- Ride Comfort. Ech vehicle is driven for thousands of miles and comfort is one of many important factors when rating an automobile.

With those considerations in mind, Consumer Reports' highest scoring vehicle (Lexus LS460L) earned a 99 on the 100 point scale. Below are the five lowest scoring vehicles for 2008.

1. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara
Score: 17
Main Areas of Concern: Braking, Noise Level, Reliability, Fuel Economy

2. Hummer H3 (5 cyl)
Score: 27
Main Areas of Concern: Acceleration, Fuel Economy, Emergency Handling

3. Jeep Liberty Sport
Score: 27
Main Areas of Concern: Fuel Economy, Noise, Agility

4. Chevrolet Aveo LS (Manual)
Score: 30
Main Areas of Concern: Acceleration, Handling

5. Chevrolet Aveo LS (Automatic)
Score: 32
Main Areas of Concern: Acceleration, Handling

While Consumer Reports isn't the only organization that is currently testing vehicles, it is important to remember that these evaluations are completely unbiased. Consumer Reports receives no money for advertising or any other services. For that reason alone, it would be shrewd for drivers to consider the magazine's opinions when purchasing a new vehicle.

By-line: Heather Johnson is a freelance business, finance and credit writer, as well as a regular contributor for Business Credit Cards, a site for comparing business credit cards. She welcomes questions, comments, and freelancing job inquiries at her email address


Human MPG vs Car MPG

According to an email recently received, the average American walks about 900 miles a year.

Another study found that Americans drink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year.

That means that, on average, Americans get about 41 miles to the gallon.

How come the average car gets less?

If your lemon car gets even worse miles per gallon that than, call us Toll Free at 1-888-331-6422, or email us right now. Who knows --- maybe it's a lemon and getting rid of lemon cars and lemon trucks is what we do.

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Down Payment Felonies at Car Dealership

If a car dealer calls you and says your financing fell thru and you have to return the car, be suspicious. If they say you can't have your deposit back, you may want to call the cops.

That's what happened at a Carl Gregory car dealership in Albany, Georgia. Gregory's lots include a Chrysler Jeep store, among others in Georgia.

The dealership General Manager Joseph Martin was called the mastermind of a deposit-grabbing scheme, assisted by a salesman, Ken Kennedy, who apparently had a long criminal record. Apparently the dealer owner failed to do a thorough background check.

According to local radio station WXFL, Martin and Kennedy would take down payments from unsuspecting buyers and then let the customers drive home thinking they had a deal. Later they'd call the buyer up and say that their credit fell through and they had to return the vehicle to the dealership. To top it off, they also told the buyers that they had to forfeit the down payment money for using the car they thought they had bought.
What no one knew was that Martin and Kennedy were pocketing the down payment money all along.
Six felonies and four misdemeanors later, Martin is under arrest and Kennedy is on the run.

How much deposit money was ripped off? No one is saying for sure.

Part of what made this scam believeable in the first place is the car dealer practice of "spot delivery" where the car is delivered to the buyer before the dealer ever really gets financing approval. All too often the whole thing is a scam. A few states made this practice illegal but more need to.

Meantime, if a car dealer calls you and tries to pull this scam on you, call us right away. Odds are, they are violating the law.

Don't let a car dealer rip you off. If they do, call us right away at 1-888-331-6422 Toll Free, or email us for help by clicking here.

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Lemon Law Lawyers Can Help You in Tough Times

If you've got a lemon car or lemon truck or an Rv lemon, maybe you're wondering if you can get the factory or dealer to take it back without having to hire a lawyer. Think again.

The simple fact is that consumers who have an experienced Lemon Law attorney almost always get more money in their pocket than those who go it alone. We've seen lots of times where a consumer will come to us after they have made a deal on their lemon vehicle with the manufacturer, usually for very little money and maybe an extended warranty (if they argued really hard), but they end up keeping the vehicle and they come to us later when either the same problem never really gets fixed or even more problems come up.

If you settle your lemon law claim, then that part of your car's history is over with when you go see a lawyer later and they won't be able to use that part of your defects or breakdowns to try to get rid of your lemon vehicle.

That's true even if the worst of your defects were at the beginning before you settled your claim. Once you settle, that part is over with. It's as though all of those repairs and your complaints were just erased from existence.

What makes it so bad is that most lemon laws only cover those early miles and months of your use. Ohio's is for 12 months or 18,000 miles but some states are only 12 months and 12,000 miles. So by the time more defects arise and you realize that they are never going to be able to get it fixed, your state Lemon Law rights are long gone.

That's exactly why they offer you some money or an extended warranty when you don't have an attorney helping you. The factory people realize that you probably don't know just how good your case is, you are looking for the quick way out of things, and they can say whatever they want to persuade you that your best bet is to take what they are offering. Folks, it isn't true what they are telling you.

I've heard of factory and dealer people telling the consumer that the Lemon Law didn't cover them, but it really did; the definition of a lemon didn't include their kind of vehicle, but it really did; the consumer didn't have a right to his or her money back, but they really did; the factory could deduct for mileage on the lemon vehicle, but they really couldn't; the factory had the right to charge the consumer for the replacement vehicle or for part of the cost of the replacement, but they really couldn't; the consumer couldn't make the factory pay for an attorney if they hired one, but you really could.

Hey, they don't own those great big car lots because they willingly buy back the lemon cars, folks. If you've got a lemon vehicle, you've got a choice. You can go it alone and take what little they will give you, or you can hire an attorney and get what you deserve. It really is that simple.

If you've got a lemon car, don't put up with the run around. Get an experienced Lemon Lawyer to help you get your money back and rid of your lemon. Get a Burdge attorney. Getting rid of lemons is what we do. Since 1978.

Call us right now, 1-888-331-6422 Toll Free, or email us for free and quick help to get rid of your lemon.


GM Hurting

Good grief. General Motors is looking for a buyer for its headquarters building in Detroit. How bad is it getting?

GM's spokesman Tom Wilkenson said "We have been looking for options to monetize the asset" which is code for sell it, mortgage it or lease it but, whatever you do, make money out of it. Collapsing demand in Europe has caused GM to temporarily shut down its plants in England and Spain and, longer term, cut production output. Meanwhile GM's stock value tumbled to a 54 year low.

Meanwhile, Detroit still thinks that rebates and incentives are the cure with the Detroit News reporting that GM spends $3,972 per vehicle for incentives in September while Ford Motor Co. spent $3,696 and Chrysler LLC spent $4,705.

The economy admittedly sucks while Detroit plays mirror games with prices. Why not just cut the darn price in the first place? After all, down at the corner store if something isn't selling they don't play rebate or incentive games. They just mark down the price and get rid of slow moving inventory. Plain and simple.

Problem is, of course, if they reduce prices customers might think, gee whiz there must be a lot of profit in there in the first place and by golly I'm just not going to pay so much next time. Well, so what's wrong with that attitude? Nothing. Why won't Detroit do it? Well, they'd have to be honest and that's just darn tough for car dealers to do. Apparently it's tough for car manufacturers too.

After all, they can't even admit that every once in awhile a car is a lemon.

Meanwhile, if you've got a lemon, call us right now1-888-331-6422 Toll Free or email us right now. Getting rid of lemons is what we do. Everyday. Why? Because in tough times someone has to help you watch out for your money and Detroit isn't doing it.