Slickest Electric Car in the World

There's a company in California called Aptera that is building the slickest electric and hybrid cars in the world. Terrific mileage and range and extraordinary looking beyond belief. They're so good, they expect to be in the running for "The X Prize" --- the $10 million competition for the first mass-marketed 100 mpg vehicle. Heck, they might even win it.

We've talked about electric cars before and there are some terrific designs out there, but there's nothing like this. This is a 2 seater that looks and operates unbelievably.

The Aptera Typ-1 and Typ-1h are already for sale in limited production and priced at around $30,000. While the Tesla looks like a sportscar in the conventional sense, the Aptera is from another world.

It looks, quite literally, like something from the future. Think the Jetsons with wheels.

Remarkably, the gull-winged all electric rear wheel drive vehicle (it's not a car technically) runs on lithium ion battery packs and will hit 60 mph in just 10 seconds and rev up to 85 mph. All the while, it's quite as a mouse. The solar roof panels are designed to catch the sunlight and help power both the vehicle and electrically driven accessories like air conditioning, entertainment center, etc.

Unlike earlier hybrids and electric car attempts, this one was designed from square one as an electric vehicle. To do that they knew they had to have an aerodynamically slick exterior that was also lightweight but built of a structurally sturdy material. To compete for the X Prize, it also had to be a design that could be mass produced ultimately.

The resulting design meets many specifications for passenger vehicles and also specs for motorcycles and sometimes goes them better, including airbag, firewall, rollover strength and tough doors.

The all electric version of the Aptera, the Typ-1, should have a range of about 100 miles or better depending on your driving circumstances and that's about 70 miles better than what most of the ordinary competition gets in electric cars, and about three times the distance that the typical US car drives on a daily commute.

The hybrid version specs out at about 120 miles per gallon or better but has yet to prove itself.

We thought the Tesla was the car to get when we first heard of it back in 2006. Oh what a difference a year or two makes.

Until you get your reliable, dependable electric car, just remember. If your gas or diesel powered conventional car or truck turns out to be a lemon, call us 1-888-331-6422 Toll Free or email us right now by clicking here.

We know how to get your money back. And when you do, you can buy yourself one of these snazzy looking, no-gas electric wonders.

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