Milwaukee Could Teach Detroit Something

Well Ford's numbers are in and they look pretty dismal. Gm isn't doing all that great and Chrysler is sulking along.

Maybe what they need is a little humor in their advertising. Sleek and shiney and horsepower (not counting Bud's, of course) isn't what scored points in the Superbowl ads, certainly. I'm not the only one to say it was humor. Make 'em laugh, Detroit, and they'll remember you and think better of you for it. At least Chevy knew that when it ran its Superbowl ad.

You can put horsepower in any engine. With enough polish, any car can look shiney. Sleek is just a matter of design. New cars that look like every other new car just plain don't sell. If the cars aren't different, then make the customer feel different about the product. Differentiating the product can also mean adding an emotional element to the process and no money-related emotion is stronger than laughter and humor.

Toyota learned that lesson well and has applied it all across the world in their ads, like Bugger on YouTube. A little humor, added to a lot of quality, and people buy. It really can be just that simple.

Humor even works for power tools, too, as Milwaukee Tolls has learned recently with a great Nascar-like ad, just one of a series. You can find more adds on the Milwaukee Tools website, and the newest and best one is right here.

Coincidentally, I own two power drills and one is a Milwaukee. Their ads are right ... it's not a lemon.

If your car is a lemon, contact us. Getting rid of lemons is what we do. Every day.

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