Honda Does a Recall Right

You have to give credit where credit's due. Ford and Honda both announced million-car-plus recalls this week, but there's a huge difference between the two. And it says something about putting quality "Job #1" where it counts.

Ford recalled 1.2 million trucks, vans and SUVs because of a fire hazard from a part that has been causing them trouble for years, burning up dozens of vehicles and causing almost 1,500 complaints to the federal government by angry consumers.

Worse yet, this is really just "part 2" of a massive recall that started in 2005 when Ford recalled almost 5 million vehicles with the same problem part. So if you do the math right, it's huge. Cars and trucks that burn up because a $20 part can overheat even when the vehicle is shut off, parked, and the car keys sitting in your coat pocket, hanging in a closet somewhere. Doesn't matter.

A little heat, a short circuit all on its own and Poof! Your whole house can go up in flames if you parked it in your garage. Way to go Ford. Just where was the guy who wrote the jingle: "Quality is Job #1" when you were buying that cheapo $20 part?

Honda, on the other hand, also recalled 1.2 million cars and motorcycles this week, involving 2006 and 2007 Honda and Acura models. How come? A phone number for the vehicle safety hotline was printed wrong. A phone number. Nothing else. Just a phone number. Nothing wrong with the vehicles. Just an error in printing a phone number, but it was a number that mattered and Honda cared enough to fix it.

Ford built flammable cars and trucks. Honda printed a wrong phone number. Which one would you rather buy? It's no wonder Ford's having money trouble.