Working Cars for Working Families website can help you avoid being ripped off.

This new website is sponsored by the National Consumer Law Center and has lots of tips and advice and articles that can help you protect yourself and get the best deal for you and your family. Having a safe and reliable car is critical to most working families and this web site can help you avoid dangers in the car dealer marketplace and make good financial decisions for you and your family.

Low income families can find programs that can help get a car or help you donate one. Click here. When you need a car and can't afford high prices and high interest rates, there may be an answer to help you keep (or get) your job.

Industry statistics say that more than 70% of consumers finance their car at the dealership and that the financing is the dealer's biggest profit center. There are articles to help you watch out for high pressure sales tactics and get your best deal. Click here.

How do you know that used car is safe? They've got a page that deals with tips on avoiding dangerous and unreliable vehicles that can harm you or cost you big bucks. Click here.

And if your car is repossessed, rightly or wrongly, there are laws to protect consumers too. Click here to learn more. Just buying your car isn't the whole story. You can learn more about your "repo" rights here.

You can even watch or listen to special seminars and media presentations to learn more about how some car dealers take advantage of people - so you can learn what to watch out for so you don't waste your money. Things like dealer "loan packing" and kickbacks that can make your car loan more costly to you. Click here to listen or watch some of these online presentations that can make you a smarter consumer.

The National Consumer Law Center has even posted online two of their best brochures for easy viewing, How to Avoid Auto Sales Fraud and How to Buy a Used Car. Click here to see the current brochure list and download one for easy reading.

The Center's staff, John Van Alst, Carolyn Carter, Jon Sheldon, and Jillian McLaughlin have done a great job of making these very valuable tips available for working families everywhere. All four of them have a long history with the problems that bad cars can cause American families.

This web site is a great place for you and your family to find out how to protect yourself when you make one of the biggest family purchases. Check it out!

The National Consumer Law Center has long been the nation's leading nonprofit consumer advocacy organization. For over 40 years they have been working to make the marketplace fair for consumers. Working Cars for Working Families is just the latest example of the great work they do, protecting consumers everywhere.

A big thanks to the Annie E. Casey Foundation too, for their very generous support on the Center's project. The Foundation does some great work helping disadvantaged children build a better future for themselves. It was founded by the family of one of the founders of UPS, which recognizes that helping the least of us, helps all of us.