Chrysler Tweet Says Nobody in Detroit "knows how to f****** drive" and someone gets fired...

Someone at Chrysler's ad agency, in charge of its social media, went online at Chrysler brand's Twitter account and blasted out an f-bomb tweet to its followers saying "I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f****** drive" according to a published report from AutoNews.

The ad agency was promptly fired and the tweet quickly deleted and another one put in its placed apologizing.

Chrysler apparently became aware of it when a reporter called and asked if the company manager of electronic communications (Ed Garsten) had "seen any good tweets lately." A quick check and he say the tweet in question. Later, he blogged that "the tweet denigrated drivers in Detroit and used the fully spelled-out F-word."

The ad agency, New Media Strategies, says it fired the responsible employee, but that didn't enable them to keep the Chrysler account that they had for almost exactly one year before the f-tweet incident.

Although some pundits thought Chrysler's firing the agency was a heavy-handed drastic over-reaction, Chrysler isn't losing sleep over its quick response. Chrysler's Ed Gartsen said the company needed to keep its "momentum" going and not to let anything slow them down, adding "it's what we do."

No matter what one might think of the whole Chrysler F-bomb debacle, one thing is clear. Those tweets you think are coming from Chrysler? They aren't. They were just being pumped out by some paid dragons at the ad agency all along. If Chrysler had been doing its own tweets, maybe it wouldn't have happened.

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