Buick is outselling Lexus and coming up very close to BMW sales - and they can't believe it.

After GM filed bankruptcy it starting shutting down the non-profit model lines and a lot of folks thought Buick was on the hit list. Not us.

First Buick quality has always been pretty good and often better than Cadillac. Second, Buick was selling tons of cars in a fast emerging car market - China. Indeed, while Buick was busy becoming the number 1 car in China, it was sliding down a slippery and fast slope to oblivion here in the states.

So when it came time to slice off the bleeding money losing makes inside GM, Buick wasn't even on the list of suspects. If GM had given up Buick, it would have given up on the Chinese market - and they sell way too many Buicks there to do that.

But what amazes folks is the sales slam on the numbers that is happening now. Last month, Buick outsold Lexus and that just was not conceivable a year ago (or less). In February Buick sales skyrocketed by 73%. At the same time Lexus barely made a .2% gain - yes, you see it right, 1/5 of 1%.

And Buick was only 800 vehicles behind the BMW brand in sales numbers.

If you've got a Buick, chances are it isn't a lemon. But if it is, and your dealer doesn't take care of you, call us. Getting rid of lemon cars is what we do. Everyday. Since 1978.