Tesla Electric Car Gets Hotter and Hotter

We talked before about the Tesla roadster and its great looks (click here) and now there's a new driving review out that hands it more accolades than ever (click here).

Turned loose with the keys in hand and no copilot, the reviewer took the roadster for an uncontrolled spin and came away a sworn advocate.

"It’s on the highway, though, that the Roadster really shines. Acceleration in this car is a dream — it really does reach 60 mph and more in under four seconds, and it was the smoothest acceleration I’ve ever experienced" said reviewer Deborah Gage of SmartPlanet.com.

The Tesla is a roadster's Roadster though and you won't find much room for lots of groceries and forget about the suitcase for that overnight trip. You'll have to wait for the Fiskar Karma car if that's what you want, but then it's a hybrid that runs on electric when under 50 miles so as to max out its milage range. But then, it's got four days and some room to stretch out in. Right out of the chute though the Fiskar Karma got lots of applause for its distinctive and georgious sporty design.

There's no doubt about it. The interest in electric and more efficient hybrid transportation has finally reached a momentum sufficient to get these remarkable machines built. It kind of makes one think that when GM killed the EV1 electric car, they threw away the early lead they owned all to themselves at the time. Live and learn. I doubt that Tesla or Fiskar will do that.