Social Media Burglars Can Get You

CBS, from Bnet, has a great article title 6 Things You Should Never Reveal on Facebook posted online here.

Take a look and learn. Lots of folks don't realize that there are thieves out there who watch Facebook, Twitter, and the rest so they can know when you are home and when you are gone, along with lots of other personal things that a lot of people just don't think about. Like for instance your vacation plans and names of family members.

You want privacy? Don't post so much personal info and you might get more privacy.

There have been stories of rip off artists who know seniors' grandchildren's names and then call up pretending to be the police who have arrested their grandchild who needs bail money, etc. There are stories of burglars who watch to see when you twitter about being at Starbucks or your favorite restaurants, so they can break into your home while you are gone, especially if you're in a nearby city where the drive home guarantees a longer absence.

Social media is great but you have to be careful. Take a word to the wise and check out the 6 things you shouldn't talk about on social media, and you can probably come up with some more ideas too.

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