We're One of the Top 21 Consumer Rights Web Sites in the World

The Best Consumer Rights Sites in the World
In the entire world, only two law firms have a web site or blog that has been named one of the Top 21 Consumer Rights Information Sites. We're one of them and proud of the years of hard work that got us there.

We are pleased to announce that our site has been recognized as one of the Top 21 Consumer Rights Information (Internet and Blog) Sites in the World. Out of this "best of the best" group, only 14 are based in the US and only two law firm sites made the list. To see the Top 21 List click here.

Editors from KwikMed gathered a specialist panel of judges who scoured the internet and reviewed web sites from across the internet, all around the world, before hand picking the very best for each category. KwikMed has been featured and quoted in The Wall Street Journal, US News, Fortune Magazine, USA Today, The New York Times and other publications.

The Ohio Lemon Law Blog, now renamed to Consumer Rights Law Blog, was singled out by the judges as being "a real contribution to the consumer rights" of individuals everywhere with a unique perspective and contribution that lets readers know their rights under the law.

As good as it feels to know our work is recognized for its quality and informative information that helps consumers protect themselves, it feels even better when we help our individual clients solve a problem, one on one. It's what we do. Everyday.

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