Saab plant continues shut down; parts shortage; millions owed to suppliers?

Saab's main assembly plant in Sweden remains shut down while parts suppliers line up with hand outstretched, wanting paid for parts deliveries. Saab officials say they have $200 million in the bank, according to The Detroit Bureau, but still are trying to figure out how the deal with the supplier demands.

The shutdown is now in its fourth day as suppliers continue to hold out for payment. Supposedly Saab is trying to get either foreign investors or perhaps GM to loan it more money, but if they really have money in the bank you would think they would just pay the bills and keep building cars while they are trying to get more investors lined up - or maybe this is something far worse?

Whatever the problem, if you've got a Saab, you may soon have an orphan.

And if you are in the market for a new car, think twice before you drive off the lot with a Saab - new or used.

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Because life is too short to drive a lemon.

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