Saab factory shut down again by suppliers who aren't getting paid for deliveries

and they aren't happy. For the second time in barely a week the Saab headquarters plant in Sweden has had the assembly line shut down by suppliers who refuse to deliver critical parts because they claim they haven't been paid for deliveries. Saab factory officials keep saying that they have money to stay open to at least next year, but the Detroit Bureau is reporting that Saab is "trying to reach a solution" with the unpaid suppliers. The obvious answer would seem to be to just pay the bills, one would think. Apparently what Saab's Chairman calls a "minor glitch" is a little more than just minor after all. Meanwhile Saab is now moving back its "we made a profit" projection another year or so. So, if you've got a bad Saab, now is the time to get it in the shop for repairs before they start stringing out warranty repair payments to their dealers too. And the best motto until Saab gets their financial house in order again? Maybe it's "friends don't let friends buy Saab."

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