Toyota's Troubles Give Freedom to Minnesota Man in Vehicular Homicide Case

Just off the wirepress, from St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper, a Minnesota man's vehicular homicide conviction has been set aside because he was driving a Toyota Camry and the safety doubts about the car were not known at the time his car accelerated in 2006, killing 3 people.

Koua Fong Lee had been sentenced to 8 years but had always said that the car did it on its own and he couldn't control it. Even the mother and grandmother of those who died, said they were happy that Lee would be set free. Lee's runaway Toyota ran into the rear of tan Oldsmobile sedan, killing the three occupants.

On Friday a Ramsey County judge vacated the conviction, saying that Lee had not had the benefit of any of the information about Toyota and its accelerator troubles that had since come to light. The county attorney has said that they will not pursue a new trial.

The family of the victims killed in the crash have since filed suit against Toyota.

Many Toyota observers aren't surprised that Lee was released. Perhaps the only surprise is that the county wisely decided that with all the evidence that has come out, it would be a waste of effort to try to convict the man now.

Sometimes justice takes a while to happen, but it always happens sooner or later. For Lee, that came today. If you've got a lemon Toyota, don't take a chance. Get a Burdge attorney. Getting rid of lemon cars and lemon trucks is what we do. Since 1978.

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