Carmakers and Their YouTube Channel

The Columbus Dispatch newspaper and ColumbusCars.com published an interesting article last weekend titled Battle of the Brands. They took a weeklong look at the YouTube channels that car makers have set up to see whose looked the best, were easy to use, and got the most viewers.

When it was all over, they declared the Porsche channel to be the "best in show." But as good as it was, the most views went to BMW, which was also the newest car channel on YouTube but had roughly 12 million views. Their BMW Art Car video clip was also one of the two best video clips too and it's no wonder. Some of the top people in art lent their touches to some BMW cars and turned them into remarkable works of art graphically.

Notably, the editors said they were shocked to see how many carmakers paid so little attention to their official presence on the world's most popular video sharing site and one of the most highly trafficked web sites on the internet.

We cruised the carmakers channels and have to agree. A good example of lackluster effort is the 7 and a half minute video of a silver Mercedes going round and round a track, with a few instances of sprinklers and hoses, but not much more. It's just plain boring.

On the other hand, there's the Subaru "Lost Sunglasses" video. But, personally, we think the 2008 Subaru commercial, found here, is the best of the lot. Be sure to watch it to the end, the very end.

Then there is the AutoChannel's 4 funniest car commercials that are just hilarious too.

They can make some funny car commercials and sometimes some good, or bad video too. We don't do that. We get rid of lemon cars. Of course, there's no funny about a lemon car if you get one. When that happens, call us. Getting rid of lemon cars is what we do.

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