Toyota says the brakes in my Prius are bad too? What's next?

When it rains it pours. In Toyota's case, it just pours and pours and pours.

Bad enough all the grief over its gas pedal recall that it miraculously found out how to fix in only 7 days, bad enough the floor mat recall of millions of Toyota vehicles, and Lexus, is looking like another half-hearted attempt to sweep the problems under the rug (quite literally), but now even Toyota's green gem of the fleet, Prius, has come under fire.

AP News has reported that the Toyota Prius is now being repaired by dealers for brake issues that Toyota is claiming don't quite deserve a recall --- yet. But even Automotive News is saying that a recall on the green-badged eco vehicle will happen any day now.

It turns out that there's a computer software "glitch" in some Prius cars that affects the car's brakes. You hit the brakes and, for a moment (reportedly one full second), there are no brakes at all. Let's call that the "oh, crap" recall, folks, because that's the mild version of what the driver is undoubtedly thinking in that second of panic and fear when you don't know if the brakes are going to work at all.

Okay, so you bought a Toyota whose floor mat design can cause the car to accelerate beyond control, or was that a Toyota whose gas pedal design can allow it to stick with the throttel wide open (look out for that tree ahead), or you had one of those Toyotas that are talked about in the four boxes of secret evidence under seal at the Texas federal courthouse (where the former Toyota lawyer dropped them off and the criminal investigation is going on), or you wanted to "go green" so you bought one of the Prius cars and now you're waiting for the "oh, sh**" moment to strike.

It's enough to make you buy American again.

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